Reviews & Comments

July 2018 Simons (Netherlands)


Thank you for a lovey stay. The house is beautiful and the surroundings are very peaceful. Unfortunately we did not see any animals although it felt like Africa. Keep up the great work and all the best.

July 2018 Dirkzwager (Netherlands)


Thank you for the lovely stay at this beautiful place. We really enjoyed our time here! Thank you for the hospitality and the friendliness. It was fantastic!

July 2018 Lysonek (Czech republic)


June 2018 Hughes (United Kingdom)


June 2018 Underwood (United States)


Amazing stay at a wonderful villa with all the amenities you need. We were dining with the elephants wich was very exiting. We had a great safari in the Kruger. The staff was very kind and helpful. My 5 year old son was thrilled … like his father

June 2018 Ghidini (Italy)


April 2018 Kachalkova (Russia)


April 2018 Francois (South Africa)


The quietness of the bush and the location are great. We would however, loved to have seen breakfast being served earlier then 7h since if you go to the Kruger that is too late. The swimming pool on the terrace was great and we enjoyed that in the evening coming back from the Kruger.

March 2018 Bailly (France)


Thank you for everything we have really enjoyed our stay in the house.

March 2018 Kekana (South Africa)


February 2018 Algra (Netherlands)


January 2018 Penney family (Canada)


January 2018 Monique (Netherlands)

December 2017 Harvey (United Kingdom)


November 2017 Seijger (Netherlands)


What an amazing lodge, everything thought of, amazing views of the wildlife from the pool. The elephant was a bit of a surprise, not sure if he was too happy with us . Never been so close, thought he was going to come onto the patio. Kruger was amazing with Nandzana, saw 4 of the big 5 and lots more.

November 2017 Nick (Cornwall UK)


Had some lovely days. Great house with all you can ask for and more. Hyena’s, elephants and porcupine in the garden.

November 2017 Kerhof (NL)


Loved the place and wish we had known about this gem before. But now we do and we will most definitely come back again. Will have to stay longer next time.

October 2017 Luksich (South Africa)


October 2017 Henning (Germany)


We have really enjoyed our stay in the house and the visit to the Kruger park. It gave us from Sweden a completely different experience. It was fantastic!

October 2017 Cederlof (Sweden)


September 2017 Emilya and family (South Africa)


We had a wonderful stay at your house. Everything was perfect, very comforable. The views from the decks were amazing. We saw wharthogs dining at the waterhole and heard hyena’s howling in the night! Thank you so much for letting us stay in your beautiful place!

September 2017 Henning (Germany)


Dear family Settels, What a cosy home. Our boys wanted to stay longer, especially because of the pool. Seeing the porcupine was the highlight! Hopefully we will be able to come back one day.

August 2017 Fam. Feron (Netherlands)


Great accommodation in the bush that is excellent for making trips to the Kruger. We swam with the giraffes in the garden. The staff was professional and welcoming in everyway. Would recommend it.

July 2017 De Vries (Netherlands)


Vacation of a lifetime! So beautiful, so much to see & wonderful accomodation. Don’t want to leave and can’t wait to come back. This East Tennesee girl & Georgia boy can’t say enough wonderful things about this amazing place!

July 2017 Gasset – Blevins (Georgetown USA)


May 2017 Pennington family (Sandy USA)


April 2017 Llorens (France)


We had a very relaxing stay in your beautiful house. It was a peaceful place to enjoy after travelling 1,5wk in the Kruger. We loved our stay!

April 2017 Jansen-Jacobs (The Netherlands)


April 2017 Ramodibe & Gunter family (Herdon, USA)


Thank you for a lovely stay

March 2017 I. Norström (Malmö Sweden)


Very peaceful, very restful. A very different experience with fantastic service. Will definitely be recommended. Had a lovely stay.

March 2017 Uzair Mia (Johannesburg)


It is only the first day yet it has proven to be fairly eventful. The pool acted as a good catalyst for some good family time. Accompanied by a braai the first day proved to be exciting. Haven’t felt like this for a while!

January 2017 Mahlangu (Johannesburg)


December 2016 F. Lengerer (Switzerland)


a birders paradise as well. We didn’t even have to go the Kruger to see the animals, because they came right up to the house. We saw the giraffe, the hyena and lots of birds and of course the impala and wharthog. But we also enjoyed all the beautiful birds around the house, at true birders paradise.

October 2016 B Schultz (Netherlands)


September 2016 E. Wildebeest (Netherlands)


Thank you for a lovely stay. Very restful and peaceful. We will definitely be recommending you and hope to be back in the future.

July 2016 family Correia/Champion (United Kingdom)


May 2016 K.Anderson (Unites States)


May 2016 N.Verwer (The Hague)


Thank you so much for your hospitality. It was a huge, wonderful unbelievable stay in Umoja. Thanks a lot for organising the two safaris, specially the one with Craig (fantastic choice). Thank you for all!

April 2016 fam Arnould (Amiens France)


Thank you for the wonderful stay at this beautiful lodge. We really enjoyed our time we spent here!!!. Thank you for the hospitality and friendliness. We will definitely recommend this place. Family Seidler, germany

March 2016 Seidler (Hannover, Germany)


February 2016 N. Niepke (Netherlands)


January 2016 Kleingeld Dennickma (Bela Bela south africa)


Great interior with large kitchen and 5 pits gas oven. We heard the lions at night in the KPN and the hyena visited the dam at night. Wish we could have spend more time here.

November 2015 Fam Mientjies (New Zealand)


A magnificent house with all the comfort that you can dream of. To wake up and see the large Kudu’s dinking on your doorstep, the impala and other animals is unforgetable. (and to top it off, we even saw a hyena!).

October 2015 Sylvie (Ile de la Reunion)


September 2015 Feodor (Netherlands)


July 2015 D v Megesem (Netherlands)


June 2015 Reinier, Ellen, Lars (Tilburg Netherlands)


Spend an incredibly nice time at Umoja Kruger. What a fantastic location. At night the elephants in the garden!

April 2015 Fam Vos (Lelystad (Netherlands))


Where else do go get a visit from 4 elephants, waterbuck, wharthogs, grey duikers, impala, and hyena in the garden when they come to drink from the pond! We have seen them all. Unforgetable, especially the 4 elephants. We certainly hope to come back.

April 2015 Fam Zeilstra (Lelystad, the Netherlands)


The villa was beyond our wildest expectations. We immediately got the “honeymoon feeling”, it is such a quiet and luxurious place.

March 2015 Fam. Piessens (Netherlands)


What a lovely place. We had a great night here and want to come back to stay longer.

January 2015 Wood Family (Perth Australia)


We really enjoyed ourselves.

December 2014 Family S (South Africa)


what a beautiful house. Thoroughly enjoyed our stay and Christmas here at the Kruger National Park. Fantastic hosts too. Hope to come back soon!

December 2014 The Stockers (Yorkshire, England)


Thanks for letting us stay in your house. It was a very special unforgettable weekend with our son getting engaged here. Special family memories. You have a lovely bushhome and thanks for the champagne!

December 2014 Visser (South Africa)


Only 2 nights here.. but we will definitely come back again. As extra bonus 8 elephants in the waterhole. Tophouse!

October 2014 Gabriele (Maarn)


We spend some beautifull days at Umoja Kruger. The quiet of the bushveld, the luxury of the house. Highlight: the elephant at only 2 meters from our frontdoor! PS: we missed a small light above the braai.

October 2014 Fam. Ritsema (Netherlands)


What a wonderfull place to come back to each time. We enjoyed the animals, the beautifull bush with it’s fantastic sounds and the great house. Would highly recommend it to anybody.

October 2014 Family J. Smit (Spain)


October 2014 Mariette Evers (Netherlands)


It is a great place to stay, wish we could have stayed longer!

August 2014 Leuteuilkumar family (South Africa)


May 2014 Fam. Breukink (Breda)